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The Emil G. Racoviţă Foundation for Science and Exploration in Extreme Environments was brought to life by the desire of the founders to honor the legacy of Emil G. Racoviță. Its goal is to support and promote scientific research, nature conservation and the environment, fostering international and inter-cultural collaboration.

Emil Racoviţă, on his return from Antarctica:

"Once upon a time, there were 19 men who embarked on a small and flimsy ship to explore the South Pole. They were neither rich, nor powerfull, nor famous, but they understood their goals and knew what awaited them. And, once there, they made mistakes and fell prey to their human weaknesses, but they worked as best as they knew how and did their best. And they returned only 17, with the belief that the death of their two poor companions and their own sufferings were not completely in vain, since they were able to add a small pebble to the foundation of science, to the core of truth and justice that is the humanity's guiding light toward better times."

Emil G. Racoviţă (1868-1947): Eminent biologist, Professor, Researcher, Explorer


Emil G. Racoviță

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